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Mr. Qashash

Having a baby was one of the most significant decisions we took in which we knew it woumd turn our lives upside down and take us to a new reality where after is nothing like before. The journey started when the pregnancy was confirmed, with all the joy and happiness which came with. Then, in three to four months, when during the visits to the doctor, we started seeing the sonar images and hear the heart beats of this very tiny creature forming inside, parenthood feelings and emotions kicked off, and the sense of responsibility mounted up. Towards the last month or two before the due date, as I watched this little human being grows inside my wife's belly, I felt a piece of me was growing, bodily and spiritually. And when the big day came, indeed my wife went through enormous pain, however, everything we had to go through the past nine months just disappeared and became forgotten with the first cry of the little new comer. Everything became real and true rather than hope and dream. 


We consider ourselves lucky to have this experience in the Evanglisch hospital with the very good care and hospitality the staff showed. We were even luckier that we met Nagata san with her kindness and support. She is highly experienced and she took our hands and facilitated the experience and made it smooth and easy one. My wife was very comfortable that they both speak the same language. Especially Nagata san gives consideration to other person’s feelings.

When the baby was delivered, Nagata san was the first to carry her and cleaned her very well. Then she showed me how to carry the baby gently and put her on my naked chest to enhance the emotional feelings and bonding.


With first touch of the baby's little finger and little body, an immediate forever bond is established. It was an experience which no words could ever express.


Just a small advice for the future fathers to be mentally prepared for a hard times at the beginning especially sleeping just be patient and you will go through it.

Dear Mr. Qashash, 

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience as a husband / father. It was so peaceful and beautiful time around of your birth... it is my pleasure that I was able to take part in the highlight of the journey! 

Your experience will assist future parents. ARIGATO 😊

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